IMO Prepares for Brexit


With the uncertainty over the Brexit process continuing to dominate the headlines, IMO, the UK-based challenger mobile brand from Verve Connect, is prepared for whatever the political outcome.

Chris Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of IMO, said: “Brexit clearly creates a level of uncertainty and will require business to adapt and change. IMO has built its business processes to support many markets in Europe.

“We already have a Logistics Hub in the Netherlands and have agreements with international partners to support our growth and operations as required

“Brexit may create disruption in the market that creates opportunities for forward looking and agile brands like IMO.”

Last year Verve Connect signed a distribution agreement with Tech Data Mobility, to supply IMO branded Android smartphones and associated devices. Adding Tech Data as one of IMO’s key distribution partners was taken as a step to develop the business in other key markets in Europe

IMO is also fully committed to supporting its partners as the 5G era approaches, and the benefits that it will bring. 5G will deliver three things to the market, speed, capacity and cost. The real question is whether the first two create sufficient advantage to overcome the third.  Chris said: “as the cornerstone of our wireless device strategy, IMO will prioritise the introduction of our purpose-built 5G router and MiFi products, then to be followed by a range of Mobile Handsets

“5G will help mobile connectivity for the first time compete with fixed line speeds for a truly high-speed mobile connection. 5G will allow those places where fixed line is either uneconomical to lay cables, difficult to reach, or people simply need a more mobile solution and want to get the benefit of high-speed data connection.

“IMO is well placed to create 5G solutions that are aligned with our key partners’ network requirements and that can be tailored to their customers’ needs.”